How To Make A Woman Want To Be Your Girlfriend

It is not uncommon for men to find themselves in a situation where they are friends with a woman, but want a little more from the relationship. The ideal situation would be one where the girl wants to be your girlfriend herself, without you having to make the first move.  This is not always easy though, and it may require you to work a little on yourself.

So how do you make a woman want to be your girlfriend? Newspaper Cat ( suggests using a proven program like the Girlfriend Activation System to catch and keep her interest.  But for men who don’t have that option, here are some tips that can help.

Be A Good Friend

guy and girl friends having fun

Starting off as “just friends” isn’t always a bad thing…

Men and women can be great friends, but is the friendship ever purely platonic? There are differing views on this.

Some men, in fact, are scared to get into a woman’s friend zone, as that is associated with non-sexual or non-romantic feelings. This is not always so.

Women are sensitive, and desire men who are understanding. Who would fit that bill better than a man who is a friend?

The Telegraph reports that men and women who have been friends before entering into a romantic relationship are more likely to be happy. Despite what you may have heard before, being her friend first is not always a bad thing.  The trick is to be her friend and not her doormat while creating boundaries that keep the flirting and sexual tension alive.

Make Time For Her

Once you are friends, making time for her is absolutely critical. Instead of being with her when an empty time slot allows, make time to be with her. This is an excellent way to make her feel that you actually desire to be close to her, and want to spend some quality time.

From their years of experience with relationships and trying to make good matches, has compiled a list of things that help a girl feel special. Making time for her is considered one of the most important.

Show Her You’re Ready For A Commitment

She may not be interested in anything really serious, but women always like knowing that the men in their lives are willing to commit to a relationship long term.   Women want to be with someone dependable and someone who can make them feel secure. Show her that you are all these things, and she will want to be your girlfriend.

Christine Hassler, a life coach and professional speaker, explains in an article how it is important for women to choose someone who chooses them back. For women who want to be in loving and committed relationships, any signs that you are not ready for a long term commitment, is a complete let down. This can cause her to turn away from you, even if she loves you.

These tips may seem slightly intimidating at first, but if you are really interested in a woman, and want her to be your girlfriend, these are the things you may need to do. In fact, these are the foundations of a strong and loving relationship and one that every man and woman longs for.

So start it right, and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.