3 Simple Tricks To Get Her Thinking About You Sexually

Whether you are a new acquaintance or someone who has been relegated to the “friend zone”, there are a number of ways of landing a woman. Below are three simple ways to get her thinking about you sexually, and perhaps even successfully take her to bed.

Update Your Wardrobe

If she always sees you in office attire, be sure to update your wardrobe and add a few casual clothing items that highlight your assets. That is, if you happen to be in good shape and do not have qualms about showing a bit of skin, you can start wearing jeans that accentuate your gluts as well as shirts that show off your chest and/or arms. Ladies do appreciate men who take care of themselves, particularly their physical well being.

Conversely, some women are more attracted to men who exude authority, which would mean investing in a couple of good suits (three-piece suits are best to wear for a more impactful executive effect). It really boils down to the lady’s specific tastes.

Find Out What Scent She Likes

Smell is one of the most underrated senses, but it in fact makes the most impact as far as stimulation is concerned. Females react quite strongly to smells, especially those that they associate with masculinity.

Subtle hints of a scent combined with your natural (clean) smell can do wonders for your sex appeal, regardless of your physical stature. Girls generally love men who smell great, but even more so for those who carry the ladies’ preferred scent. Some ladies do not care much for cologne or perfume, and prefer the more subtle smell of body wash. Be sure to find out what kind of scent she likes and make it a point to wear it when meeting with her.

Drop Subtle Hints That You Find Her Sexually Attractive

Drop subtle hints that get her hot with anticipation...

Drop subtle hints that get her hot with anticipation…

There is always a risk when a guy becomes too forward with a girl, especially when mutual trust has yet to develop.  However, dropping hints about how you find her alluring and intensely attractive would definitely score you points and get your closer to thinking about you in a naughtier light.

Lingering stares (nothing longer than 5 seconds to reduce the creep factor) are a silent but effective tool, and so is short but slightly suggestive messages, be it via email, SMS, or voice mail.  Women like to feel wanted and for the most part, it is necessary to make them realize you find their existence stimulating.

To get her thinking about you sexually does not take as much effort as many assume. In fact, a subtle and less blatant approach usually works better. The goal is to make them want you to a point that they might even make the first move towards becoming intimate.