The Best Tourist Places In Chicago

When I’m not working at my boring overhead door repair job or my weekend job at True Value , I travel as much as I can. Because life is not all about getting by, its about living! Here’s a bit about one of my favorite destinations in the US.

Chicago is a large American city, located in Illinois, and is the unofficial capital of the American Midwest, it ranks third in terms of population, and famous for beautiful scenery, which comes to visit large numbers of tourists from all over the world, in this article we will show the most important tourist places in Chicago, which are worth visiting by visitors, because of the ignorance of many in the most important tourist places in it.

The establishment of the city dates to the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven AD, witnessed rapid development and growth during the mid-nineteenth century; as a global center for finance, trade, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transport.

Buckingham Fountain

The Fountain is located in Grant Park Illinois on the shore of Lake Michigan, it is one of Chicago’s top attractions, featuring an hourly musical water show, and the Buckingham Fountain was built in Georgia’s pink marble.

Lincoln Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is a major attraction in Chicago and located between mature lakes and trees, and the Lincoln Zoo features world-class wildlife exhibitions and historic architecture.

Millennium Park

  Many activities and events can be enjoyed at Millennium Park; where they hold concerts at Jay Pritzker Pavilion, it has an ice skating rink, and you can visit Lori Park, which features light bulbs, lamps, grasses, shrubs, and trees, and seeing the sky gate in the park. Water can also be seen from two 15.24-meter-high glass towers.

Art Institute

The Art Institute of Chicago houses hundreds of thousands of works of art, the most famous Impressionist and post-impressionist paintings of George Soras, and paintings by Claude Monet, it contains art collections dating back thousands of years, including sculpture, architectural drawings, prints, textiles, painting, decorative arts, and photography.

Navy Pier

The Navy Pier was inaugurated in Chicago in 1916 as a theme park, and the Ferris wheel is 45.72 meters long and has a historic circular handle, and a six-story botanical garden, and the Chicago Children’s Museum.

Travel Tips: 5 Useful Things to Know when Visiting San Francisco

Whether you’re a curious wanderer, a foodie, or an outdoorsy type, San Francisco has plenty of activities and things to do that are sure to please. The liberal and technology-forward city is known for its golden gates, quirky culture, great food, steep hills, and cable cars. Being one of the America’s most expensive cities, you want to be smart about it and have fun. Here are important tips to keep in mind before you begin your San Francisco vacation. 

San Francisco has Chilly Weather

You probably have heard of or read Mark Twain’s quote: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” The weather in San Francisco is cold and chilly, especially in summer. Of course, the weather can become pretty warm at times but this lasts only for a few minutes. It’s best if you throw on a t-shirt under your sweatshirt so you can be comfortable during your stay here. 

Riding in a Cable Car can take a While

Parking in San Francisco can be a nightmare so you’re better off without a car. The best way to traverse San Francisco is by cable cars. However, you should avoid them if you have something urgent to do or have somewhere to be. It’s not uncommon for people to wait in line for hours. Furthermore, you may find the route to be long and inefficient once you’ve boarded a cable car. The cable car option is the best if you’ve got enough time on your hands. 

Be prepared to do Some Walking

You better come ready with comfortable walking shoes and a water bottle since walking around San Francisco isn’t an option. At least if you’re looking to have a great street-level view of the beautiful city. Furthermore, it’s more efficient- and more fun- to walk. San Francisco is famous for its hills and there’s no way you’re going to explore the city on some rubber flip-flops. For those who can’t walk, there’s always Uber. 

Yes, Bring your Hiking Shoes to the Beach

One of the things that draw tourists from the United States and across the world to San Francisco is its pristine beaches. The fact that the water is usually too cold to swim in doesn’t mean you can’t lounge around on the sand. Feel free to scramble over the rocks with friends and family in search of tide pools and beautiful shells. All this is possible when you bring some sturdy shows when heading out to the beach. 

Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge

There’s no better way to get the authentic feeling of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge than strolling the sidewalk, even if you won’t go a long way. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the country’s iconic landmarks and an attraction you should walk across at least once in your lifetime. Don’t forget to take in breathtaking views of downtown San Francisco and the surrounding bay. Arrive by 9.30 am to beat the crowds. 

It’s important to note than San Francisco is home to nearly every type of cuisine. Moreover, each of the city’s neighborhoods is amazing and diverse. You’ll also find some of the most exciting hikes in San Francisco, especially if you’re looking to escape from the urban landscape. Other attractions here include museums, famous breweries, live shows, and much more.